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TITLE OF SHOW: It’s a Rough Life

FORMAT OF SHOW: Reality Series / Docu-series

LOGLINE: Johnny Roughneck is a working class family man trying to keep the drama with his (on-and-off) wife to a minimum. He works odd jobs to feed kids and pay the bills, but with all the chaos of his everyday life will he be able to keep his 13-year skateboard empire going strong?

Gene Simmons Family Jewels” meets a struggling “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” with a little “Billy the Exterminator” antics thrown in for good measure.


(Themes: Reality-based, comedy, docu-drama, action sports)

In San Francisco, CA the skateboard scene is high stakes. With several of the big players calling it home (Thrasher, DLX, etc), it’s hard for small-time company to break into the mold. With his company Roughneck Hardware, Johnny Roughneck has been working the game for 13 years, and has no plans to stop. However, with trying to work odd jobs (valet parking cars, construction, bouncer, DJ, painter), Johnny’s struggles to not only pay the bills and keep two daughters happy, but also make sure Roughneck Hardware stays afloat.

Johnny is a well-known character in the skateboarding scene, known specifically for his frenzied, crazy, dramatic, yet endearing personality.  He knows the big names, and has famous skaters riding his brand. However, his company continues to struggle under his somewhat non-existent organization skills and chaotic lifestyle. Johnny tries his hardest, hosting events, sponsoring riders, starting storefronts, taking road trips with skaters, but it’s always on the edge of complete collapse.

Johnny’s wife Paola, a tattooed, rambunctious mother helps create increasing drama with their on-again off-again relationship. Paola is the mother of Johnny’s second daughter, Penny, a cute, five-year-old with dirty blond hair and a penchant for showing you what she can do with an iTouch.

Georgia is Johnny’s first daughter, a 10-year old outspoken kid who does not hesitate to correct Johnny on his grammar (or any other) mistakes. Although Paola and Penny do not live with Johnny, Georgia resides with Johnny, Johnny’s mother, and other family members in a one-bedroom home in Twin Peaks. It’s a packed house.


Episodes center on the daily life of Johnny and his family as well as the events that Roughneck Hardware hosts.

Thematic arcs can revolve around the following:

1. DAILY LIFE: Like Store Openings, Skate Jams, Company Operations. With his connections in the skate world, Johnny is constantly attending, hosting, and sponsoring events with outside vendors, companies, and the community. From helping host the poorest neighborhood in the city with a Skate Jam, to DJing a large streetwear store opening, Johnny gets his brand (and his face) in the scene whenever he can. But the daily operations of his company are struggling. He’s constantly asking friends to volunteer or work for free.  He’s had two storefront close: one because his partner left, the other because his rent spiked.  He currently operates on a non-existent shoestring budget out of the converted tiny loft space above an art gallery (he has to climb a ladder to get to his computer). Johnny interfaces with several characters throughout his days, from his faithful volunteers Jimmie, Tyler, and Christian, to his riders like Peter Ramondetta, and skate industry leaders from Thrasher, DLX, and Lowcard, not to mention deal with the drama with his wife, Paola.

2. EVENTS: Like the annual BART Tour. An almost decade-long one-day adventure where skaters across the bay area take over the transit system, hopping trains to several skate parks and local skate spots. Hilarity always ensues as Johnny tries to wrangle dozens to hundreds of kids across the entire bay area. A skate winner always takes home a prize, and the contest typically ends with a community BBQ. *Johnny hosts similar events throughout year (CAL Train, Salt Lake City, etc), each with it’s own personality and flair.

3. TRIPS: Like the Phoenix AM Road Trip: Johnny can’t take a trip without something going wrong. It’s a fact. Before the journey even starts he’s miscalculated the tab on the rental vehicle, forcing some riders to sit this one out. From the van breaking down, to hangovers, getting tattoos, and having their belonging stolen, to skaters almost missing their runs in the contest, and having the weakest tent on scene, these trips are an epic look into what it means to be Roughneck. *Johnny takes road trips with his riders throughout the year, each creating a unique environment ripe with drama and comedy.